The beginning of the Brazilian Dream Project.

Welcome to the Brazilian Dream Project. I am Ricardo and the initiator of the project which was created after my heart attack and receiving 3 stents. I had an angioplasty and had to start cardiac rehabilitation and medication. But also because of the gruesome and extremely violent murder of my life partner Emmy on July 31, 2020. Emmy was only 31 years old and still had a bright future in sight.

From this day onwards all my misery began. It is very difficult when you suddenly lose someone you love and adore so much. That you will never see, hear or message that person again. That the future you envisioned suddenly no longer exists. It becomes even worse when someone else makes the choice to end that person's life. That someone else decides for someone else whether they can continue to live or not. That your loved one experienced a lot of fear, pain and sadness in the last minutes and seconds of his or her life. To have your life ended in a horrible way by someone you trusted and cared about. Emmy was killed in a very gruesome manner and with very brutal violence. Emmy had 12 stab wounds, 18 lacerations and her throat was slit from ear to ear and down to her spine.

Her most precious possession taken in a few minutes and multiple lives completely destroyed by one person. The loss of my partner and my very best friend has left a significant trauma. I can't get rid of the image of my severely mutilated partner during the farewell. Fortunately, we were able to see her again and say goodbye. She lay in state in the most beautiful dress she owned. Her future black/purple wedding dress. She should have worn that dress on the most beautiful day of her, of our lives. Not for her farewell. Her father should have had the option to give away his only daughter to her husband. Emmy had the right to be a wonderful mother to our future daughter Elizabetha.

The loss of my life partner and the fact that I was seen as the first suspect (I was put in arrest with guns drawned) put me in a very deep depression. The loss of our future and no longer seeing points of light almost cost me three times my life. In addition to dealing with the loss of Emmy in my life, it is difficult for me to suddenly have to do things alone. Emmy and I did almost everything together. I miss the support she always gave me, advice when I needed it the most. But most of all I miss her kiss on my forehead. That she tells me that everything will be okay because we do it together. I miss everything about my wife, my girl and my best friend.

We always wanted to start a project like this. To help people by giving them the tools to regain control of their lives. We always had work aimed at helping people grow. Emmy had two bachelor's degrees in psychology and was almost finished with her master's degree in Forensic Criminology. All she had to do was hand in her thesis. Unfortunately, she was not allowed to finish it. She suddenly became part of a forensic investigation herself. Emmy has been working with people with non-congenital brain abnormalities for more than ten years.

The loss of my partner and the realization that I also would not survive that day made me think a lot. (from the file, the murderer wanted to beat me to dead with a hammer). Thanks to Emmy I survived that day. Life is short and can be over in an instant. I know that I have to give everything to make our dreams come true, to give my life meaning again. By living again instead of surviving. By giving meaning to my life I can contribute to meaning in the lives of others. Something that was always very important to Emmy and me. I met many wonderful people in Brazil who pulled me through many dark periods. I notice in daily life that Brazil keeps coming back. Everything indicates that I should take the step. Perhaps it is also an escape for when the perpetrator is released. I'm sure the confrontation between us will take place. I don't want him to take everything from me again. I don't want to let him dictate my life anymore. I want to regain control and control over my own life. Being able to become happy again by starting to live again instead of surviving.

💜Not only for myself but also for my wife, my very best friend, my Queen💜